On wensday i had my second cyclecross race at the folsom rodeo. It was really fun and i had a great time. Im so excited for my next race on wensday. I hope to improve my time.


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Another COOL day!

Wow, i know i have had so many cool things happen to me through all of this crazy liver stuff. Today i went back to Stanford for a press conference with the Governor. It was about some new bills passed that will help with organ donation. The really cool part  besides that bill is that i met with Steve Jobs and he spoke to me and my parents for about 15 minutes. He was really nice and he even asked me to see my scar. I wonder how many kids have had Steve Jobs ask to see their scar?

I have had a really cool year.  1. Met Lance Armstrong, 2. Race my bike across America in 6 days, 3. Met Steve Jobs.  Not really sure what is next.

In between all of this i do the regular boring stuff like go to school and lots of homework…ughh!

Soryy it has been so long since i have posted anything but i am going to get back into this blog a little more each week.

Me sitting with Steve Jobs

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Come to the appreciation night and see the RAAM video!

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Finaly home and finally catching my breath


Hi Guys! I’m so sorry I haven’t posted anything in FOREVER! When I got home I was just so tired, and worn out. I finally feel normal again, well except for the part about not training for RAAM right now. It feels so weird to not feel the pressure of preparing for the race. I’m actually kind of bored. I think I’m going to race in some kid races locally.

The race was so cool! I had a blast. It wasn’t easy at all and I did struggle some times but I got through it. It felt so good to be apart of a team. I really love all the racer’s and crew members. I know for sure I will totally be doing RAAM again in the future. So many of the other teams were nice too. I made new friends in Ohio (Hi Amy and Stacey) at time station 42. I learned I am not a morning person, also did you know Turtles are the number one road kill in Missouri?

Thank you all so much for your support. I may not write as much as I used to…It’s summer come on give me a break! But I will keep you updated on my life. So far, so good I’m feeling great!

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if you wanna follow….

C/O all links below during this week of the race.




LIVE…. GPS tracker

Team "Connor's Hope"

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Oh My Gosh!! It’s here.

Today was crazy. I can’t believe how wild it was. We had so much to do. It was fun this afternoon because we got all the vehicles ready, sponsor stickers, blinking signs, food, medicines, bike parts, and bikes. Then we took them all to the Police Department to be stored for the night. It was cool to see all the cars caravan down the street all done up. It was fun to have so much crew together too. I can hardly wait till tomorrow!

There is a boy named William that lives in my neighborhood and we go to church together. He is 9 years old and this week he was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. My Mom and his Mom are friends and it has really been hard to know Will is going through surgeries and Chemo this week. Living in a hospital is my least favorite thing so I feel bad for him. Today we taped a picture of William on our bikes to think of his fight and remember that the one thing we all have no matter what is “HOPE”. Our team name this year is “Connor’s Hope” and Will will remind me of that every day.

I’ll keep you all posted on the crazy days ahead, I can tell you after today the people on my team are CRAZY so it should be fun.

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It’s almost here

I am so excited because RAAM is almost here! I’m so nervous but everyone says to be excited its hard to be excited when people always say “it is so hard,” but overall I think it is going to be a great journey. I could not of done it without you guys and my team and crew. My Mom was saying the other day that back in December when I was in the hospital for surgery she was worried that there was no way I would be ready in time, and she worried that with all the time our family was spending wrapped up in my recovery that we wouldn’t reach our financial goal either. She said she prayed a lot about it and thought about calling the whole thing off but that she got a strong feeling to just keep pedaling and fundraising. My Mom never told me she had doubts and I’m really glad she didn’t because then I never questioned if we would be able to accomplish all that I wanted to. I can’t even believe that it’s finally here, and we are so close to raising the funds. RAAM came too fast, it was just yesterday that we were in Park City at our first training camp.

Our Team just had a meeting and it was really cool because we got bags and backpacks for the race, and on the race there will be a film crew that will do a documentary and so they came and filmed the meeting it was really cool. The energy surrounding the table at our meeting was super exciting. We went over race strategies and rules. The people who have done RAAM before kept saying to “be prepared for crazy.” I just keep trying to figure out who is gonna go crazy first? My Mom? My Dad? My Uncle? My Teacher? The Fire Chief? My Aunt? Who do you think?

The other day I came home and there was a package for me at the door. I was really excited because it said Radio Shack on it. When I opened it up I was soooooooo happy! It was a full Radio Shack kit! And a Radio Shack hat with Lance’s signature on it! I LOVE wearing it on rides I get so many comments from other riders. I wear it as much as it’s clean.

Today was my last long ride before RAAM. I’d like to say I’m sad but that would be a lie. I’m looking forward to sleeping in on Saturdays and hanging out with my friends again. It’s been a long, fun. journey and I wouldn’t change a thing but it will be pretty sweet to just chill for a while. See you soon.

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