It’s almost here

I am so excited because RAAM is almost here! I’m so nervous but everyone says to be excited its hard to be excited when people always say “it is so hard,” but overall I think it is going to be a great journey. I could not of done it without you guys and my team and crew. My Mom was saying the other day that back in December when I was in the hospital for surgery she was worried that there was no way I would be ready in time, and she worried that with all the time our family was spending wrapped up in my recovery that we wouldn’t reach our financial goal either. She said she prayed a lot about it and thought about calling the whole thing off but that she got a strong feeling to just keep pedaling and fundraising. My Mom never told me she had doubts and I’m really glad she didn’t because then I never questioned if we would be able to accomplish all that I wanted to. I can’t even believe that it’s finally here, and we are so close to raising the funds. RAAM came too fast, it was just yesterday that we were in Park City at our first training camp.

Our Team just had a meeting and it was really cool because we got bags and backpacks for the race, and on the race there will be a film crew that will do a documentary and so they came and filmed the meeting it was really cool. The energy surrounding the table at our meeting was super exciting. We went over race strategies and rules. The people who have done RAAM before kept saying to “be prepared for crazy.” I just keep trying to figure out who is gonna go crazy first? My Mom? My Dad? My Uncle? My Teacher? The Fire Chief? My Aunt? Who do you think?

The other day I came home and there was a package for me at the door. I was really excited because it said Radio Shack on it. When I opened it up I was soooooooo happy! It was a full Radio Shack kit! And a Radio Shack hat with Lance’s signature on it! I LOVE wearing it on rides I get so many comments from other riders. I wear it as much as it’s clean.

Today was my last long ride before RAAM. I’d like to say I’m sad but that would be a lie. I’m looking forward to sleeping in on Saturdays and hanging out with my friends again. It’s been a long, fun. journey and I wouldn’t change a thing but it will be pretty sweet to just chill for a while. See you soon.


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    eric said,

    Your going to be riding that road bike so much we’re going to have to put training wheels on your shoes until you learn how to walk again! See all of you Ellisions bright and early thursday morning!!!

    T.C.B. (Take Care of Business)


  2. 2

    Vicki said,

    Hi Connor,

    So excited for you and your family. Will be tracking RAAM and thinking of you all week. It sounds so crazy to race across America in a week…good luck and have fun as you take on something no other 12 year old has done before. Maybe you’ll get into the Guiness World Book of Records? You should…


  3. 3

    amy mcfaddin said,

    Hello Conner,
    How exciting that your racing RAAM. I will be at the time station in Blanchester ohio, its time station 42, my daughter stacy will be coming up just to see you, she is 15 and says your her hero and your amazing.
    I hope you and your team can stop in and say Hi to us in blanchester, be sure to ask for stacy and amy! Best of luck to you and we will be following you the whole way.
    You and your family will be in our prayers,

    • 4

      connorsstory said,

      Hi Amy!
      This is Connors Mom Tiffany. Please text my cell phone as we approach station 42 so I can tell you where Connor is. You can follow our GPS tracker at Hopefully he will be on his shift. Otherwise I want to make sure we swing over to meet you when we are jumping ahead in the vehicle. Your note is so kind it made Connors day. My cell is 916-216-9910.
      Tiffany Ellison

  4. 5

    Sara Buckerfield said,

    Go, Connor, go! I am so excited and happy for you. What an odyssey you have had and will have starting Saturday. I will be thinking of you all week as you make your way eastward. You are one awesome kid, and I am honored to have ridden with you this spring. Go like the wind.

  5. 6

    Ryan Jantzen said,

    Connor (and all on Team Donate Life) my thoughts, prayers and best wishes will be riding with you all. Enjoy the ride, savor the times, take in the beauty of the countryside and most of all make it across safely 🙂 I so admire and respect you for the journey you have already taken and the ride you’re about to take. GO CONNOR !!

  6. 7

    starvin marvins Pratt Kansas said,

    wow your incredible we would love to see you at time station 26 for a free bbq sandwich you and your team come join us and good luck

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