Another COOL day!

Wow, i know i have had so many cool things happen to me through all of this crazy liver stuff. Today i went back to Stanford for a press conference with the Governor. It was about some new bills passed that will help with organ donation. The really cool part  besides that bill is that i met with Steve Jobs and he spoke to me and my parents for about 15 minutes. He was really nice and he even asked me to see my scar. I wonder how many kids have had Steve Jobs ask to see their scar?

I have had a really cool year.  1. Met Lance Armstrong, 2. Race my bike across America in 6 days, 3. Met Steve Jobs.  Not really sure what is next.

In between all of this i do the regular boring stuff like go to school and lots of homework…ughh!

Soryy it has been so long since i have posted anything but i am going to get back into this blog a little more each week.

Me sitting with Steve Jobs


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    Vicki said,

    oh wow – that is totally cool, Connor. Happy for you! and no…I don’t think many people would get to see Steve Job’s scar. (Well…you didn’t say that, you just said he asked to see yours…That’s just crazy-funny.) Your mom showed me a dual scar showing-photo with Will, too…who knew scars could be such a great connector? better than an Apple! (um…maybe not)

    With all these connections, Connor, study hard, do what you love and life will unfold each day in amazing ways. Cool.


  2. 2

    Mrs. M. said,

    Hey Connor!

    WAY COOL!!! Sorry I missed seeing you the other day, but Mrs. S. filled me in. 🙂 I ran into your mom this afternoon and heard all about it!

    Keep up the hard work! 🙂

    ~Mrs. M.

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