My whole life my mom has told me I was an easy baby. If you gave me food I was happy, well not much has changed I’m still pretty chill and I still really like to eat! Playing the drums, riding my bikes, and playing with my friends Rileigh, Elliot, and Anthony are some of my favorite things to do. Rileigh is my cousin we have been best friends since she was born (because I was born first) we always make each other laugh and love to hang out and act weird. I come from a huge family and have a lot of cousins. I have been told I have great hair and I have to say “I agree”. When I grow up I hope to be a famous cyclist and a Firefighter. I am already an honorary Folsom Firefighter and I love hanging out with the guys from station 35. Last year I accomplished my goal of playing football for the Folsom Bulldogs, it was an amazing experience and I hope to do it again next year.

I just recently realized at the age of 11 that my parents are really different from most parents. Like it’s not unusual to find my dad on a windy, rainy, stormy night riding his bike up the steepest hill he can find with a back pack full of rocks on his back! And my mom well she is just as strange, she honestly believes she can win every competition she enters! Like the time she was trying to prove to me that I can do anything if I put my mind to it so she entered Mrs. California…and she actually won! I have one big brother named Austin he is huge, he is almost 18 and he can seriously eat all day long, which kind of comes in handy when I don’t really like what we are having for dinner cause he will finish it for me. One time my Dad and I did a little test on him we were sitting in church and my dad said “watch if I just hand him something to eat without opening my hand he will just pop it in his mouth without looking at it” and guess what he just popped it in his mouth with out even so much as a glance. Once he even drank a raw egg when he was trying to be like Rocky. I have two sisters Savannah is 14 and Olivia is almost 6. Savannah is super skinny and I’m pretty proud of the fact that I weigh more than her and I’m 2 years younger. Savannah is pretty good at most sports which can kind of stink because I always have to work so hard to keep up but the day will come when I can totally beat her at everything (I think). Olivia is the spoiled baby of the family she is super cute so she pretty much gets whatever she wants. I have to admit I even fall prey to her cuteness at times and give her whatever she wants. Olivia is kind of the glue to our family she makes us all laugh and is always willing to give us a hug when we need it.

The whole reason I started this blog was because I hope that my personal struggles will inspire other kids (and maybe even adults) to live big, and DREAM BIG! Almost 5 years ago I went in for a physical to play football and my Doctor found that my spleen was extremely enlarged as well as my liver. I didn’t pass my physical and I didnt get to play football that year. It took almost a whole year to determine that I have a Liver Disease called Congenital Hepatic Fibrosis. It basically means that my liver has a lot of scar tissue in it and that I have to go through a lot of medical procedures. I’m not gonna lie I hate it but I refuse to let it get in the way of the things I want to do. In fact I use the disease to motivate me to do things that most people would never dream of doing especially if they had a health condition that continually landed them in the hospital and made them have a low blood count.

In the past 8 months I have been in and out of the hospital 6 times! I get my blood drawn every 2 weeks to keep a close eye on my internal bleeding and I get all sorts of alternative treatments. My mom asked me “what keeps you from feeling sorry for yourself Connor” and I really couldn’t answer her…I just choose not to plus it’s seriously not the worst thing in the world. I have a fantastic life, a great family, and I just bought a new road bike! So on this blog you will have the chance to follow me on my journey across America. This summer I am going to be the youngest person to ever complete Race Across America. I train a lot, and sometimes it is so fun I cant wait to get on my bike and sometimes I am so sick of it I hate to ride. I know that in order to accomplish amazing things you have to work hard and I am prepared to do it. I will be riding on a team of 8 people 3 of which are my uncle, my Dad and my mom. It’s a single stage race so I like to explain it as kind of like Survivor only with out the sleep. The other part of this adventure is I’m trying to raise $100,000 towards Organ Donation Awareness. Every time my family speaks about Organ Donation I realize how freaked out people are by it and if my story can hopefully open someones eye to the fact that it is about giving not taking maybe we can save some lives.

So that’s all I have to say for now but be sure to tune in regularly and watch cause I’m going to do my best to put a smile on your face every time you read this.


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  1. 1

    Monique said,

    Hey Connor-
    Your a Savage dude. I hope your training goes well. Also I hope you raise that $100,000 towards Organ Donation Awareness. Today your mom came to my school and told my Driver’s Ed class about you and being a doner. She told my class to check your blog and youtube video. Well your awesome. I mean dawesome which is better than awesome! Good luck in training and the race! GO CONNOR all the way!

  2. 2

    Anthony Ruiz said,

    hey connor, My name is Anthony Ruiz i am one of the students your mom has spoken to about organ donations at Lincoln High School on November 9th, 2009 i have cerebral palsy a type of thing that affects your physical or mental abilities in your brain… I have it in my legs and fought it as a kid but ended up in a wheelchair in 6th grade, i tell you this because i want you to understand my situation from you is different but the outcomes are the same. I am a wrestler at Lincoln, weighing in at 107 pounds but started in 6th at 65 pounds. My doctors, Family, and friends all told me i couldn’t wrestle but in 6th grade my record was 1-11 but i prove to the world i could win and thats what i want you to do…WIN and push yourself no matter what! I am currently a freshman but on Varsity and am proud of my battle, thats why i know you can do it with a little effort, since i have wrestled i have recieved a lot of injuries, 3 concussions, left shoulder torn twice, 3 cracked ribs, and a blown out knee… So just remember no matter how the world may view us… dont ever stop trying….

    p.s say hi to your mom tiffany for me and i hope you do great on your bike across america thing…Have fun!!!!! and email me if you need someone to talk to if thats ok with your mom of course

  3. 3

    Megan said,

    Hey connor, your mom came to my school today and talked about you. You inspire me to follow my dreams. Your a pretty strong kid. Good luck to you and your family in the Race Across America. You can do it!

  4. 4

    Amy said,

    Hi Conner,

    I found you thru a friend of a friend of your Moms on FaceBook. I think what you are doing is so amazing. I hope my kids grow up to be as inspirational as you! Keep at it you rock!


  5. 5

    David Garlinger said,

    Hello Connor, your grandmother Elizabeth and I have been friends for 37 years, which means I knew your dad when he was younger than you! Your dad was a good kid, and I knew that one day God would bless Jared with his own beautful family, and that he would be a great dad, with great kids! I’m sad to say that we’ve never met, however, my prayers have been with you and you brother and sisters since you were all born! I’ll look forward to meeting you soon! I love your BLOG, and laughed about he Intel thing! I’ll tell you why. When I was a teenager, I was in an car wreck and was thrown from a car at 75mph, resulitng in lots of bodily damage, bones and skin, but worse, brain trauma! It took lots of physical therapy to learn how to walk right again (like your Aunt Chelan) and how to use my limbs. I had lots of speech lessions to learn how to talk right again, say words, and sing, which I loved. I can’t tell you how many times I wondered if people would ever stop talking loud and slow to me! As I got better, I had to tell them it was OK to talk regular to me! Did you ever see the movie The Master of Disguise? If you did, you know the part where the character Pistachio was mocking people and he said “Aaam I tallllkin toooo fast fooor yaaaaa?” That craked me up, cause I felt like thats how people treated me! Through all my struggles, I’ve learned to turn them over to God for help, and as I did, I felt the love and the support of people even more. And to this day, I trust in Him for all things, including healing me from a recent surgery for cancer! You and all your family are in my prayers for wellness, healing, and the happiness that God gives.
    I’d like to come and visit with you, I have a great bike, but doubt if I could keep up with any of you, well,, maybe Livy! Talk with your folks and let me know when a good time would be, then let me know ok?
    Merry Christmas

  6. 6

    Kim Brady said,

    My daughter Shawna Bruce sent over the beautiful letter your mom wrote.(Through Patty Kennedy)
    I have to say you are one tough and brave kid. Good luck in your Bicycle Race and I hope you raise that $100,000.

    Kim Brady

  7. 7

    Ryan Jantzen said,

    Hi Connor,

    I wanted to say “HI” and tell you what a great job you are doing on this blog. I check it a couple of times a week. You are in my thoughts and prayers!! Good luck with your surgery…you are strong and in good hands! I have been riding with your dad and uncle and I look forward to a couple months from now when you can join us for a ride. You are inspiring many people – Keep it up !!

    Ryan Jantzen

    • 8

      connorsstory said,

      Thanks for reading my blog. I am pretty shy but this blog gives me a chance to say what I think and it seems so far people like to read it. That makes me happy. I cant wait to be back on my bike and riding again. I’ll see ya soon.

  8. 9

    Andrea said,

    A friend of your grandmother’s sent me your link. What an awesome inspiration you are to some of us adults that forget to see the good in life. Keep up your great attitude.
    Merry Christmas
    Andrea Rich – Sacramento CA

  9. 10

    Lisa said,

    Good luck with your surgery Connor. I enjoy reading your blog and am looking forward to your post-surgery posts. Best of luck for the new year.

  10. 11

    chase pope said,

    hey connor its me chase i hope youve been feeling better and i look forward to seeing you when you have fully recovered. i also think its awsome of you to go on that bike ride in june to raise money.talk to you some other time bye 🙂

  11. 12

    Michael said,

    Hi Conner, I love the attitude. I know your bike ride will be succcessful and you will bring in the needed money. Your personality will make sure of that. Keep up the fight!

  12. 13


    Although you don’t likely remember us, we have met on several occasions. We went to high school with your dad. We will pray for a speedy recovery so you can get home with your family. Hold on to your great attitude and tell your Mom and Dad you want to go to the mountains and ride bikes, look for gold, fish or hike this spring. They just need to get you and your family up here, the place to stay will be on us. Happy New Year, lots of prayers and a truck load of good cheer to Connor and the entire Ellison Family!

    Best wishes and lots of Love,

    Jeff, Danika, Zak, Tabbi, Sabrina, and Jacob

  13. 14

    Barbara said,

    Dear Connor,

    My name is Barbara and I am friends with Denice and Candace. Denice told me all about you six months ago. She just told me about your blog. I read it this morning and am very inspired by you and your positive attitude. We really enjoyed your blog. I have a son your age and when we come to California (we live in Florida), I would LOVE to get the chance to meet you. You are an inspiration to anyone, young or old, on the power of a positive mindset. We will look forward to your blog updates and follow your journey. Good luck and have fun on the race!!! You look awesome on your new race bike!!!

    Your Florida friends,
    Barb, Jolie, Kristain, and Blake

  14. 15

    Dennis Spencer said,

    Hey Connor, I met your dad this past year as I was given the opportunity to ride for Team Donate Life Liverators in the RAAM. Two things I now know 1. your dad is a great cyclist and since you have his genes you’ll be great too! 2. your dad is sooooo proud of you and I am too! My thirteen year old son shares your passion for playing the drums. He’s in a rock band called Population 5 and they just played their first Hollywood gig at the Whisky A Go Go. He, like you, set high goals that alot of people thought were unobtainable. But little by little, or as a cyclist might say “mile by mile” he’s acheiving his goals and chasing his dreams and I have now doubt that you will too. Good luck and say hello to your dad for me

    Dennis Spencer

  15. 16

    Susan said,


    I discovered your blog through my bike club website (Hammerin’ Wheels). I love to ride bikes too and am so impressed with your ambitious goal to ride in the RAAM and raise $100,000 for organ donation. Last year, a friend of mine passed away suddenly. While everyone who knew her was devastated, we all found comfort in knowing that through her organ donations, she saved several lives and greatly improved many others. I’ve made a contribution to your cause and I’m posting a link to your blog on my Facebook wall with hope you will receive more donations as a result. Best of luck to you and your teammates.


  16. 17

    Jamie Meneghetti said,

    Hi connor. I hope you surgery went well and I hope you feel better! See you when you come back to school.

    – Jamie

  17. 18

    Kaitlin Jurasek said,

    Hey Connor!
    I just recently started playing on an outdoor soccer team with your mom on Thursday nights. You’re mom is really awesome and she was telling us about your story and how you were doing the Race across America and I was totally amazed as she was telling us the story. She told me about your blog so I decided to check it out and I am so glad I did! What an inspiration you are! You are so strong and you seem like such a happy kid. I hope that MANY people, children and adults, learn through reading your blog that life is short and everyone should enjoy it as much as possible. It takes a lot of strength and courage to go through everything you are going through and still be so positive and active! It is truly and inspiration to read about your adventure. It sounds like you have a really great support group with your family, friends and even teachers!!! I wish you the best of luck on your travels on your bike and in your life. Hopefully I will get to meet you one day. Thank you for sharing your life story, it is incredible. I will be sure to tell my friends to read your blog. Best wishes!

    • 19

      connorsstory said,

      Hi Kaitlin,
      Thank you so much for reading my blog. My parents are really great and they have taught me so much about what real happiness is. My Mom told me what a great player you are she loves going out and playing with you guys. One of these days I promise I’ll make it out to the feild to cheer you guys on.

  18. 20

    nina frank said,

    connor, i am friends with dr esquivel, which is how i know about you. you are my idol. you are such an amazing person, a great writer, funny, driven, appreciative, super smart, very dedicated. good for you for inspiring dr esquivel to do the raam. also, i loved when you wrote , “i wanted to say sucks, but my mom wouldn’t let me.” sincerely, nina

  19. 21

    nina frank said,

    connor –
    you are inspiring, mature, and very funny! i can’t believe you’re only 12! keep it up!! my younger brother is 12 and he road and mountain bikes too. that’s cool your sister rides in your support vehicle – i’ve never done that for my brother! good luck with all your training!
    -phoebe kranefuss

  20. 22

    Hi Connor,
    It was a pleasure to meet you and your Mom yesterday at the video taping of your segment for the OrganDonorAwareness video that my wife Katherine is producing.
    Hearing about you and your training calls me to see what I can do to get you some sponsoring from my friend and pH associate. He markets a product called “pHenomenal” that removes the excess Lactic Acid from your body by drinking water! How cool is that?!?! IT is not just any water mind you but one that is ‘engineered’ to have one of the Hydrogen molecules removed. Doing that makes this water very hungry for that missing Hydrogen atom which just so happens to be what Lactic Acid (pretty much All Acids are Hydrogen) is made of. I start everyday with my pHenomenal water and it just feels good to do that. I hike, kayak, workout, bike etc so this helps me shed that buildup of Lactic Acid that my body makes.
    I have been doing a lot of research on this acid/alkaline balance our body is always working hard to maintain and I have found that much of our illness seems to stem from being too acidic. I’m sure many folks will have much to say about this and know that there is ample evidence to support this viewpoint.
    Check out the website I left you and I look forward to further chats. Please say hi to your Mom too. It was also a pleasure to meet her yesterday. Be well Connor. Sincerely, Jim Doolittle SacCityFire Captain (ret)

  21. 23

    Marnie said,

    Connor, just love reading your blog! You have a talent for writing!!

    I need to ask you a favor….can you send me your address? We have something we want to send you and realize that we don’t have your mailing address!!

    Big Hugs,
    REKM Crew (Ryan, Evan, Kent and Marnie)

  22. 24

    IHey Connor, I live in Australia, and I would love to meet yiou if you ever come here for a cycling competition or for even just a holiday,. You are truly inspiring and I am praying that God will heal you.

    Love and blessings,


  23. 25

    Becky said,

    I am so amazed at you, Young Man! What a guy!

    We have a son who had two heart transplants and, like you, got very familiar with hospitals and needles. He had a wonderful life, but passed away last June because he didn’t feel right about taking a third transplant, given the shortage of donor organs. But as a donor himself, he fulfilled his wish to pass on the great gift of life.

    We applaud you and thank you for what you are doing. It is easy to admire you for your tenacity and determination to meet your goals and challenges, but your choice to add a great purpose to your endeavors is beyond impressive. I am really really touched and grateful that you are accomplishing what the rest of us just have hoped to do. Your influence will help save and improve lives by the thousands. Thank you, Dear Connor.

  24. 26

    Rhiannon said,

    Hey connor,
    hope everything is going well! have fun on your race!!!!! :o)

  25. 27

    Hey Connor,

    it was an honor to compete with you all this week.

    You are a class kid with a great future.

    I hope to see you back at RAAM.

    Henry Kaestner
    Team DurhamCares

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