My Mom and I...I have no memory if this we were so zonked.

Uncle Rhino all tuckered out.

Filling up his gas tank in Kansas...I have never seen a tractor at a gas station before?

My latest Domino creation. It was so awesome.

My family's idea of a Easter surprise? Poor Savannah got it.

Jim Felt signing my cast

After breaking my wrist I’m always on the trainer…can’t wait to get this cast off!
Me and my sister Savannah, she helps at all the events to raise money.

Me and my sister's with Grandpa Frank, look at Olivia...she is such a little show off

This is what I do with the food my Mom makes...Yucky spinach:(

Me and Ri at one of my appointments

This is what I came home to. My cousins and sisters made it.

Getting fresh air after the surgery.

This is Savannah trying to cheer me up at the hospital, she got a wheel chair too. Except my Dad set her down back ward on her hair and walked away she was stuck for awhile.

Best end of hospital stay food ever! Actually just best food ever!

My Uncle Ryan and Uncle Rob after they had a cinnamon eating contest.

My special surgery/biking socks!

Christmas eve, doing the Nativity with Grandpa reading, I was Joseph this year.

Christmas eve after opening our surprise (NOT) pajamas.

Best dog ever
Me and Rileigh cooking, we want to open a breakfast restaurant someday.

Me and my Dad working on my brothers motorcycle. I love doing that kind of stuff.

My next door neighbors worked on the Donate Life float for the Rose Parade when I was in the hospital.

Rose Parade I have the best neighbors ever!

For the past 5 years I have collected pictures with peoples butts. I have a ton of them. The people never even know I take them. By the way this is Jason Weckworth!

BMX bike park. The best $2.00 spent.

I'm an honorary firefighter with Folsom's station 35. When I grow up I will be a Fire Chief

My V02 max test. Thanks UC Davis Sports medicine!

This is Rileigh at the Dillons Beach Bike ride.She was sagging in the big red hummer for me. I seriously hope this doesnt mean I have to start liking cheerleading?

Folsom Veterans Day Parade. My mom was waving and taking pictures like crazy (so embarrassing). I did get to wear my super cool leather helmet that was a gift from Chief Haverty.

Me and my family.

Every Easter my mom makes us take a picture together. I hate getting dressed up.

Connor can add his own captions for each of the photos... I can also load them for you initially.

My Dads friend Jason was trying to prove how brave he was in front of my Dad. I

Caption goes here.

This was at Mountain Bike racing. My mom was so nervous because I had just had a transfusion the week before

Caption goes here.

Dont ask I was bored

Caption goes here.

My first training camp in Park City Utah, it was so hard


15 Responses so far »

  1. 1

    Morgan said,

    Connor i never knew you did untill a couple of months ago. im a bad cousin! haha
    Your famous bubba! haha I love you your the most brave 12 year old i know! I love you!!!

  2. 2

    Kevin Epperson said,

    Connor, I feel bad that you had surgery and are in so much pain. My whole family’s thinking about you and praying for you and your family. Get well soon so that we can ride together again!

  3. 3

    Tiffany Dreyer said,

    Hahaha…. I just discovered there was a photo section on your blog. I don’t know which pic is better, the pic of you & Jason’s butt, or the one of you wearing chick glasses!! haha! I will be sure not to “pick up anything off the ground” when you’re around!!

    So good to see you yesterday dude… You are recovering so quick!! I hope the bread is good! See you tonight! (I’m riding bikes with your mom later!)

  4. 4

    Jamae Lacey said,

    Sorry I ever was ticked off at you. I hope the surgery went well. I think the shark will never fight again. The whole sixth grade misses you(especially Analise. Hint, hint, she likes you.).

  5. 6

    Jamae Lacey said,

    cool bike.

  6. 8

    rileigh said,

    that is awesome that Jim Felt got to sign your cast

  7. 9

    nikki said,

    My family says that’s awesome what your doing! Good luck!

  8. 10

    Pallitto's said,

    Ok Connor , I have to say, I Love the Butt pic’s.. Too Funny.. Life is no fun without humor… Keep that one going..
    We’ll be rooting for you…

  9. 11

    Rhiannon said,

    Hey. Nice butt pics. LIfe’s no fun without humor. Hope training is going well. I could never ride that far.

  10. 12

    Danielle D. said,

    That was too funny about the mouse in the egg!!!!! What is it’s name?

    ~Danielle and Tracy

  11. 13

    Ms. Maryann said,

    Good Luck Connor on your ride for RAAM! Best of wishes to you, your family and crew for an excellent adventure. I am proud to know you; you have a wonderfull soul and a fabulous wit! When you return, I WILL HAVE CANDY IN MY PURSE FOR YOU! Hahaha..know seriously, I will. Let me know when you are returning home.

  12. 14

    Rileigh said,

    Go Team Donate Life!!!! Good Luck!!

  13. 15

    TAlha said,

    Im in Pakistan look ing at your site alot. Good Luck + Godspeed

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